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About Nancy

The conference will be held in the new convention center Prouvé Nancy Centre situated in the heart of the town, 1 minute from the train station (90 minutes from Paris by TGV).

The Palais des Congrès in Nancy, located 300m from Nancy railway station, was built from the ancient postal sorting office designed by Claude PROUVE. A parallel railway extension contributed to the impact of the gateway to the city of Nancy. The façades were designed to create premises opening out onto the city in all senses.

  • Nancy
  • Nancy Centre Prouvé
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  • Nancy Stanislas Square
  • Nancy Stanislas Statue
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Nancy is located in the the Lorraine region. The region is situated in the north-east quarter of France, between Champagne and Alsace. It is a magnificent region of woodland, rolling plains and mountains, crossed by the river Moselle which flows from its source in the department of Vosges, through the departments of Meurthe and Meuse.

Nancy is literally at the heart of the Lorraine region, 300 km from Paris (90 mins on the high-speed train) and 90 km (45 mins) from Strasbourg. Located equidistantly between Metz to the north and Epinal to the south, it is less than an hour from the lakes and forests of the Vosges massif, an hour from the lakes and recreation areas of Meuse, 45 mins from Center Parc, an hour from the city of Luxembourg to the north and Germany to the east.

The city is accessed by the A31 motorway running between the north and south (Luxembourg - Beaune), and the RN4 running east-west (Strasbourg - Paris).

The Marne au Rhin canal crosses the city – and the fully equipped “blue flag” Saint Georges port, 200 metres from Place Stanislas, welcomes more than 1,500 recreational boats a year.



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