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Paper Submission and Publications

Original papers must be submitted in PDF format here. In case you submit your paper for one of the Special Sessions SOHOMA’14, please select the appropriate Session (Track).

The material submitted for presentation at the workshop must be original, not published or being considered elsewhere. The working language is English. The papers are limited to 8 pages formatted in the Springer Book format for "Studies in Computational Intelligence" according to the instructions given at http://www.springer.com/series/8393, section Instructions for Authors (Multiauthor Word 2003/2007 Templates).

Papers can be submitted individually for any of the above topics or for the Special Sessions defined for this Workshop. To be organized, a Special Session must include 4-6 accepted papers.

All papers accepted for presentation will be published in a Preprints Volume and will be distributed to the participants at the Workshop time.

All papers duly presented at the Workshop will be included in the SOHOMA'14 post conference Proceedings publication in special issues of: Springer series "Studies in Computational Intelligence", Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (Springer) and Computers in Industry (Elsevier).

In addition to the indexed edition of the proceedings in a Springer book, two special issues in high quality and well established journals (Elsevier Computer in Industry and Springer Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing) will be organized just after the Sohoma workshop. Selected authors will be informed by mid of november to submit an extended version of their work (with a minimal difference of 30% compared to their paper published in the proceedings). This selection will be based upon the quality of the papers edited in the Springer proceedings, the quality of the oral presentations as well as the originality/novelty/consistency of the works. Extended papers will be blind-reviewed, which does not mean their automatic acceptance.

SOHOMA’14 Special Sessions

Proposals for SOHOMA’14 Special Sessions will be sent by e-mail at the Secretariat address: sohoma14@cimr.pub.ro by March 15, 2014 in a dedicated template to be dowloaded here.

Participants can submit papers for the Special Sessions listed below. Please read the suggested topics and objectives describing these Sessions.

Session Code Title of Special Session SOHOMA’14 Proposed by
PISM Physical Internet Simulation and Modelling Yves Sallez (FR)
Benoit Montreuil (CA)
Eric Ballot (FR)
CVSO Complexity, Big Data and Virtualization in Service and Computing-
oriented Manufacturing
Theodor Borangiu (RO)
Radu Băbiceanu (USA)
Octavian Morariu (RO)
DMAM Discrete-event System Modelling for Agent-oriented Manufacturing Doru Pănescu (RO)
Cristian Mahulea (ES)
Marius Kloetzer (RO)
Carlos Pascal (RO)
IDOM Intelligent and Distributed Optimization techniques for Manufacturing
and Supply chain systems
Abdelghani Bekrar(FR)
Ana Pereira (PT)
Gaham Mehdi (DZ)
DMSS Distributed modeling for safety and security in industrial complex systems Nassima Aissani(DZ)
Soraya Zebirate (DZ)
Lotfi Nabli (TN)
HAIA Holonic and agent-based industrial automation systems Pavel Vrba(CZ)
Damien Trentesaux (FR)
AMAS Adaptive and self-organized Multi-Agent Systems Emmanuel Adam(FR)
Valérie Camps(FR)
BIMS Bio-inspired heuristic for intelligent manufacturing system Hind Bril El Haouzi(FR)
Ming Li(PRC)

Author's Schedule

  Deadline for Special Sessions proposal: March 20, 2014

  Deadline for submission of full-length draft papers: May 22, 2014   June 10, 2014

  Notification of paper acceptance/rejection: July 15, 2014

  Final paper submission and early registration: September 8, 2014



  • Hind Bril El Haouzi (France)
  • Tel: +33/ (0)3 29 29 61 09
    Fax: +33/ (0)3 29 29 61 38
  • Iulia Voinescu (Romania)
  • Tel: +40/ (0)21 402 93 14
    Fax: +40/ (0)21 317 09 12


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